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9 Nov 2018 tại 14:02 Delivery went to wrong location causing me to have to walk a long way to get the order. The order arrived a bit early which was ok.
9 Sep 2018 tại 7:25 Not fresh ingredients. Pizza dough doesn’t taste good.
18 Aug 2017 tại 8:41 Ordered for the firat time a peperoni pizza and was very disapointed by the quality. This is far from being an italian pizza. The crust was hard, the mozarella was hard and not tasty. For the same price better go to Da Paolo, pizza 4p or pizza Belga
16 Aug 2017 tại 6:58 Disappointing - have ordered from vine several times before and it was always really good. Maybe there is a new chef? Maybe it was just an off night. but it was quite disappointing last night.
3 Jun 2017 tại 7:45 Delivered on time with a smile! The order was correct. Food was very good as expected. The soup was still hot.
15 Jan 2017 tại 12:24 Excellent food.
2 Dec 2016 tại 6:08 Good burger, fast and excellent delivery
13 Nov 2016 tại 8:48 So glad to see the butterflied chicken back on the menu. Just a couple of points. More mashed potatoes and less salt int he gravy. Otherwise love this meal. Delivery and packaging is efficient and definitely a restaurant to eat from.
12 Mar 2016 tại 20:13 it took forever to get here. the burger tasted like fish, meaning they aren't wrapping and refrigerating their food correctly. The lemon-grass soup and spinach salad was the only bright spot. Other than that it was extremely overpriced.
29 Jan 2016 tại 21:56 Love it, as usual. ^^ I only wish the menu were more varied....(I'm thinking more salmon dishes, like cooked or gravlax / carpaccio).
7 Dec 2015 tại 0:11 Love this place. Everything I've gotten is amazing. Delivery is excellent.
4 Dec 2015 tại 22:35 The salmon tartare is delicious. I love the passion fruit avocado dressing. I only wish there were more~